My name is Raven, aka gabriel on ao3, and I’m one of the co-authors of Twist and Shout. In the time since Twist and Shout was first posted, the incredible fan response it has received has been a wonderful gift — a gift we now hope to give back. We have decided to raffle off one bound hard copy of Twist and Shout for charity

This is the ONLY time Twist and Shout has ever been for sale or available to own in book format that the authors (me and Hannah) have approved. 


  • 100% of proceeds go an incredible nonprofit organization, which will remain unnamed out of concern for the charity’s interests
  • One raffle entry = one $10 donation
  • You can enter as many times as want by increasing your donation amount. For example, if you donate $50, you get entered into the raffle 5 times. 
  • This copy of Twist and Shout is signed by Misha Collins as well as me. Misha’s autograph is valued at $50 by CreationEnt. Mine, of course, is priceless ;)


  • Due to the nature of the content of this work, we don’t feel comfortable disclosing the name of the charity. This nonprofit is not affiliated with Supernatural, destiel, or this raffle, and we do not want to to connect erotic fanfic to this organization in any way, shape or form out of concern for that organization’s best intest. They’re just an awesome cause we believe in and hope to help out by harnessing the awesome enthusiasm of the SPN/destiel fandom. 
  • Misha’s signature is NOT an endorsement of the content of this book and/or destiel, and he has NOT read Twist and Shout
  • Repeat: Misha’s autograph is not an endorsement of Twist and Shout. The autograph was paid for at a convention. Please do not contact Misha about this raffle or apply meaning to his autograph. It was one of hundreds of items signed at DC Con this year. 
  • The autograph was obtained with full disclosure. Misha was informed that what he was signing was fanfiction featuring his character, and that it was going to be raffled for this specific cause.
  • The authors will not be receiving any money from this fundraiser. The raffle money is being processed through YouCaring, a secure, verified fundraising site. To protect the nonprofit, donations will not be direct and will not be tax-deductible. If you plan on making a very large donation and would like it to be tax-deductible, please contact us to work something out personally. You will have to sign a nondisclosure agreement to do so. A copy of the final donation made to the charity (with the charity name blurred) will be posted after the raffle.
  • In the extremely rare event that TPTB ask that the raffle cease and desist due to copyright issues, authors are not able to issue refunds. Funds will still be donated to the charity no matter what (unless CW sues us, and then we’ll use them to pay our lawyer). 
  • We have compiled a FAQ anticipating your questions and concerns. Check here first.

How it works:

  1. Donate your desired amount directly to the cause here. 
  2. If you donate and reblog, you will get 1 extra raffle entry for spreading the word. You can also get 1 extra raffle entry for tweeting with the hashtag #digelvis
  3. Fill out this form. IMPORTANT: If you don’t fill out this form, you will not be entered into the raffle!

The winner will be announced on this blog (forestprnce) on July 24th, 2014, one month from the date of its launch. The winner will be contacted with the contact info provided on the form. If the winner does not reply within 3 days, a new winner will be chosen. 

PLEASE ENTER AND SPREAD THE WORD! Let’s show the world what good the destiel/Twist and Shout fandom can do! 


Show: Supernatural (The End, 5x04)
Location: Riverview Hospital, Vancouver, BC, Canada (Google Map)

Riverview Hospital is an abandoned mental health facility and a filming location for dozens of TV productions. Since the folks of Supernatural seem to use it for filming frequently, we got extremely curious and simply had to plan a visit. In the end, we ended up going back three times during our week’s stay in Vancouver.

The whole hospital area is a beautiful, amazing hillside park with old trees, roads and paths, but the run-down hospital buildings with their endless dark, empty windows are something else. More than once we got spooked by a reflection or an old curtain stirring in the wind in a broken window.

We’ll be posting more photos and stories from Riverview soon, but until then, we hope you enjoy these dear shots from one of our favourite Supernatural episodes ever!

More sceneframing photos in #sceneframing

Misha Collins, SDCC Barrista  (x)


"Should I do GISHWHES?" a letter to those in doubt

The short answer is, as you might have guessed, ‘yes’. But I see a lot of people hesitate because they’re afraid of this, that or the other thing, so I wanted to address some of those fears and hopefully alleviate them.

Under the cut I cover the following questions

- ONE: I don’t have a team!
- TWO: I’m not special enough for a team to want me!
- THREE: I don’t have any money!
- FOUR: I have no special skills!
- FIVE: I’m worried I’ll disappoint my team!

If you have other questions, please feel free to message me - I’m mostly10 on both twitter and tumblr.

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Soo… turned out being fauvism? =)

That was VERY hard! But thank you!



Supernatural S9 VFX Demo Reel Part 2

I applaud every actor on this show who has had to do the “open mouth and let demon/grace/whatever in thing and hope that FX will make it look cool” thing. Bravo.

ohoho yes he does

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Because I think a lot of people have been waiting for an exact quote on this…

Sarah: My question is about the most recent episode, 22, so spoilers if anyone hasn’t seen it.

Misha: Okay. I haven’t, so.

Sarah: My question is about something that Metatron said about Cas. He said he’s in love with humanity, and… okay, other than a certain special someone, I’m wondering what it is about humanity that you think he’s so enamoured with?

Misha: Um. [pause] He, um. [pause] I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but I’m going to. Um, I think the writers, um… I really shouldn’t be telling you this. Um. Metatron— So when we—when I go into the room that was heaven, that was the heaven trap… ‘cause this has aired, right? 

[audience agrees] 

Metatron sort of made Cas’ version of heaven, but it was like a joke version of heaven, like, rainbows and unicorns kind of heaven. Um, but in the original script, it was, uh— [laughs] it was photos— it was photos of uh… naked men, with uh, with Jensen’s face. 

[audience cheers] 

I read it… I read it and I was like, oh, are you fucking kidding me? This is what’s going on—really? And then someone up the ladder was like, no, you can’t do that, so they didn’t do it, but it was written in the script, so, um.